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Business Growth

"A people first environment is the incubator of success"


We can help you build your business through a positive company culture, effective leadership and enhancing your marketing message to your clients.

We discovered some time ago that being Business Consultants does not mean we know everything about business, possibly a lot like you. What our clients have discovered about us is that we can strengthen your leadership skills and your business by coming alongside you with another perspective, allowing you to gain deeper insights about yourself, your people and your business.

Stronger Relationships...Increased Productivity  

When we run our business like a machine (high on function, low on relationship) we can experience difficulties in our business, our team and ultimately our clients.

Who are the people critical to your business -
You, your team, your family, your clients, your suppliers, your partners and the list goes on.

  Doughty Consulting Limited
Upper Hutt
Phone: 04 212 4895
Mobile: 021 822 288

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