Your Business

You are very likely to be in business for a variety of reasons; lifestyle, passion, the desire to succeed and many more. It may be your business or one you are employed in.

Even if you are in business on your own, you may not have staff but you still have a team comprised of suppliers, family and clients. They are all among the people we need to build better relationships with to improve our business.


If you are part of a bigger organisation you may add a business partner, colleagues or staff to the above list.


Communication is critical

How to communicate with your team, your existing and potential market as well as considering "what" you are communicating can seem daunting. Sometimes getting some help to do that or at least a second opinion can be a huge relief. We can help you.


Business Solutions

We face many issues in business from the need to evaluate systems, managing our team, market shifts, external factors, managing growth as well as some factors that are unique to your business.


Doughty Consulting

We can come along side you and help with short, medium and long term development of your business with the advantage of an objective view and the skills listed on our services page.



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